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I woke up early enough today and with enough energy that I decided to take out my journal. I knew it had been awhile, but when I opened it I realized I had not journaled since the day before Ash Wednesday. For the entire… Continue Reading “Risen”

Whatever you do, be sure to be happy

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “whatever you do in life be sure it makes you happy.” At first glance this can easily be interpreted as, “only do things that bring you happiness.” I am going to explain how chasing happiness will lead you… Continue Reading “Whatever you do, be sure to be happy”

What I Learned From My Pain

True healing happens when we choose to venture into our pain; seeing, accepting, and honoring our wounds. Embracing my pain allowed me to embrace my life.

Do You See Me?

  PC: Cameron Julie Photography I started this post over a week ago, but it’s a hard thing for me to talk about so I stopped. As it would be, God is asking me to show up again and be true. Vulnerability is so… Continue Reading “Do You See Me?”

Withstanding the Storm

It’s a rainy day here in Minnesota. It’s only 39 degrees, which is well below average for this time of year. Fall is in full swing (but it feels like winter). The trees are starting to turn a variety of colors, even in the… Continue Reading “Withstanding the Storm”

Life Is A Reflection of Choices.

Hello! Happy October! Did anyone else do a double take when they realized it was already October? I did. Life is happening so fast. I feel as though I blinked and 2018 was in its last quarter. “I’m just too busy”, says everyone. Time… Continue Reading “Life Is A Reflection of Choices.”

Start Now

Fall is here!  The weather is cooler, crisp, feels clean…reminding me that winter is around the corner! If you are from Minnesota you know that winters here can be long. COLD. Sometimes a bit gloomy and depressing, but the beauty of a fresh snow… Continue Reading “Start Now”

The Journey Begins

Welcome! I am Elizabeth. This is not your average blog. It’s not about answers. It’s about asking questions to reveal what you already know through His word. God help me to see who you want me to be! A family centered life. I named… Continue Reading “The Journey Begins”